As the global leader in pathogen diagnostics, discovery and management, we help you prevent, reduce or eliminate the introduction and spread of disease. Mitigate pathogens that cause you both human and financial costs.


Early detection is the primary factor in controlling and mitigating pathogens

42% of the world’s food supply is lost to pathogens

New advances in science and medicine help us gain ground against certain pathogens. Yet, new pathogens continue to emerge at a rapid pace — and frequently with significant human and financial costs. Early detection of damage causing pathogens is essential. Accurate and comprehensive information allows you to make informed decisions related to:

• production and quality

• pesticide and herbicide use

• pathogen control solutions

Life sciences, food and agriculture, and health care industries face the greatest risk from the impact of pathogens. However, they are also uniquely positioned to mitigate these potential threats

Forestry Detect pathogenic populations before they spread.

Forestry SEQURE is a vital tool in the race against the spread of pathogens that wreak havoc on quality lumber yields. Rapid and simple sample collection followed by intensive molecular detection techniques will inform you of pathogen presence at the early stages of infection, putting the control back in your hands.

Greenhouses Screen plants before you plant them in your fields.

Our Greenhouse SEQURE pathogen detection kit is an easy-to-use method of identifying pathogens affecting your crops. Our detailed analysis provides pathogen or pest information as well as common ways of eliminating these invaders. Catch pests and pathogens before they establish themselves on your crops.

Soil Ensure that your soil is free of any unwanted organisms.

Soil SEQURE detects a wide range of bacteria, fungi, nematodes and other pests. Our proven detection methods can tell the difference between bacteria that helps your plants grow and those that harm yields. Our easy-to-use kits bring forensic technology to your fingertips so you only need send us small soil sample for analysis.

Water Catch water-borne pathogens at the source.

Water SEQURE does away with the traditional method of sending large bottles of water to the lab for sampling. Our scientific field sampling methods give you a detailed analysis of the pathogens in your water supply, going beyond simple coliform counts to identifying pathogens that cause necrosis and soft rot at the source.

Assessing the
Threat Level

Comprehensive reporting and rapid response to care for the infected

Your personalized report identifies methods for determining the pathogen’s level of infestation. It gives you accurate and comprehensive information about the pathogen and identifies proven methods for mitigating the threat.

Pathogen Reports

Lab results are tabulated usually within four days.
Your comprehensive report includes an evidence-based overview of the pathogen(s) found in the sample we received; where they are found and the threat level they pose to your product.

Your report includes a detailed description of the pathogen’s lifecycle from birth to growth to reproduction.

Understanding where the pathogen lives and thrives is essential in knowing the threat it poses and the need for managing it.

Pathogenicity Threat.
What is the threat of the pathogen? Is it regulated in your area? What environmental factors increase its danger to your product? These are just some of the questions you will find addressed in your report.

Economic Threat.
If the infestation cannot be managed, what is economic cost? Should quarantine measures be taken to prevent loss?

Since many pathogens are difficult to see, your report includes signs that indicate its presence as well as any diagnostic methods for identification.

Your comprehensive report includes an evidence-based overview of the pathogen(s) found in the sample we received; where they are found and the threat level they pose to your product.

Lab results are tabulated usually within four days.
Once an infestation has been confirmed and any relevant authorities notified, treatment can begin. Your report includes treatments that have been scientifically proven and suggest ways to prevent future infestations on the pathogen in question.