Accurate Analysis

Rapid and simple sample collection followed by intensive molecular detection techniques will inform you of pathogen presence at the early stages of infection, putting the control back in your hands.


Innovative Sampling and Analysis

We can test for most pathogens. You simply collect the sample and send it to our BIOSEQURE lab.

What We Provide:

• Easy-to-use sample collection kit (available internationally)

• Timely and accurate verification of the presence or absence of pathogens using genomic diagnostic methods

• Comprehensive report and rapid response to care for the infected products

Step 1 – Sample Collection

We will send you a simple-to-use collection kit so that you can gather a sample of the suspected pathogens. The best time to gather the sample is early in the lifecycle of the product. Sampling on a regular basis will help you stay ahead of any new pathogens can infect your product.

Step 2 – Send Sample to BIOSEQURE

The sample collection kit includes a self-addressed envelope. Simply include the sample and return the envelope to us.

Step 3 – Analysis

Using the latest biotechnology, our lab will molecularly analyze your sample to determine which pathogens are present.

Step 4 – Reporting

We compile the information from the analysis and provide you with a login to your own web account where you can access your comprehensive, easy-to-understand results.